Our Recent Assignments

Case n°1

(24 months, France)

Division Top Management for a subsidiary of a Swiss Telecom Group in the Toll systems business (50 M€, 200 pers.) including spin-off preparation

Case n°2

(18 months, France)

Finance Top Management for 3 subsidiaries and holding (200 M€) of an Aerospace global US Tier 1, including integration of one division after acquisition with merger.

Case n°3

(34 months, France + subsidiaries UK, Italy, Australia)

Repositionning and deployment, as head of a strategic IS project, for the Asset Management Security Services branch of a large international Bank (division 5000 pers., 4500 Billions Euros assets managed)

Case n°4

(17 months, Germany, 7 months, Hungary; 5 contracts, 2 pers.ERG)

Improvement of Purchasing/SCM performances (Budget 600M€) for a division (1.3 Bil. €, 4500 pers.) of a worldwide automotive Tier 1. Crisis Management of the Growth +(30-40%), Supply Base capacities, Customer négociations and Plant management support for the Plant (TO 350 M €, 700 pers.)

Case n°5

(24 months, Germany)

Restructuring and preparation for selling, as division CEO (400M€) for a global building industry leader, sold to an international PE Fund